SmartBiobank: Data-management system for biomedical research

By using modern technologies like cloud based data storage and data visualization tools, SmartBiobank aims at revolutionizing data storage and data management techniques in the area of biomedical research. SmartBiobank takes a real-world approach on data management by incorporating a hands-on iterative process aimed towards efficient data analysis and breakthrough biomarker discovery.

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SmartBiobank is able to integrate clinical, environmental, lifestyle, experimental and genomic data into one single system by providing customized software solutions.


The future of biomedical research lies in collaboration of research data. SmartBiobank enables independent research groups to share data, merge databases and collaborate worldwide.


SmartBiobank stores all data in SSAE 16 certified data centers and complies with security requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA. Your connection with SmartBiobank is always encrypted.

“Our research team at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has tested the usability and authenticity of SmartBiobank and has been using it to manage various research projects. I would recommend SmartBiobank to any biomedical researcher who wants to use a system that is one step ahead of mundane excel sheets and other primitive database management software.”

Dr. Istvan Nagy, Lead Resercher, Hungarian Academy of Sciences